Hi, we're myEd.
A team passionate about changing education.

We're a small passionate team focused on building technology that unleashes teacher's superpowers.

We're proud to be helping solve real problems in education, what can you bring to the cause?

Remote Team

We're a distributed team that loves working remotely. We're not bound by an office or office hours. We've conquered Sydney & Melbourne... where to next?

Dynamic Roadmap

We killed the roadmap! Our product team runs of a dynamic roadmap that is driven by customer happiness & team choice. We believe in autonomy and ownership.

Real Purpose

We're driven by making real impact on education. We believe teachers are the key to this change, hence our focus on giving them the superpowers to make it happen.

Self Managed

We've moved away from traditional managerial team structure. You choose what you work on & when. This ain't no jungle though, we've got a flexible process to keep us focused.

Scalable Stack

We're growing fast and so our stack has to scale with us. We've gone small to go big, with a micro service architecture that has allowed us to use the right framework / language for the job at hand.

We're Growing ;)

Looking to make a real impact on education? Got the skills and passion to join the cause? Don't be shy then, Say Hi

Roles we're looking for:

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