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myEd App

Say Goodbye to One Size Fits All

myEd App is a next-gen learning platform co-created with schools across Australia that enables teachers to easily create & share engaging lessons with whole classes or individual students and then access real time data on student progress.

Built for tablet & mobile, myEd App works on all devices.

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What people say about myEd App

"I love using myEd App! I can be waiting at the doctors, or on my way to the gym or even laying in bed at night and I have the ability to program and monitor my students. It allows me to see their strengths and weakness in certain areas in real time as well!"

Candice, Year 5/6 Teacher

"myEd has helped me organise my files and un-clutter my email or USB’s! It’s so much easier to deal with a grade’s submission of an electronic file through myEd and be able to mark it quickly & easily."

Douglas, Year 8 Teacher

"myEd is absolutely fantastic! It’s easy to access and navigate, kids are engaged, the quests are interactive and they show student progress. Students are coming to school with questions and a love for learning. They constantly want more quests!"

Supriya, Year 1/2 Teacher

"It’s been amazing seeing the more capable kids flying ahead, then offering to help others, also allowing more time for me to help out the curriculum adjusted and specific learning difficulty students in my class."

Chris, Year 7-12 Teacher

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myEd HSC

The Smartest Way to Study

Think the Khan Academy but for Australia - myEd HSC helps students in NSW learn & study for Year 12 via video tutorials, quizzes, resources & more, all in a game environment!

Used by over 10,000 students!

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What people say about myEd HSC

"I found the videos on the modules I have chosen to be extremely helpful. They outlined the syllabus in an easy way to understand. I learnt more in those 20 minute videos than a year in my class."

Georgia E. Year 12 student

"myEd HSC is an innovative and productive tool which enhances the student learning process. I myself have found the interactive tutorials and videos to be thorough and highly helpful to fill in forgotten gaps of knowledge. The proceeding quizzes test and help to consolidate a students knowledge."

Jason M. Year 12 student

"I love myEd HSC I find it so helpful! It's helpful as it re-teaches students the core content of the syllabus when they perhaps weren't fully paying attention in class or just didn't understand it the first time round. myEd HSC is also helpful to make really useful study notes for any upcoming exams."

Carly W. Year 12 Student

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