We work with corporates to design, deliver & distribute engaging blended and online learning for your staff and customers.

From staff training, change management programs, customer education, marketing & more!

End to End Solutions

At myEd we provide an end to end solution so you can create the most effective & engaging online & blended learning experience without the headaches.

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    Instructional Design
    (Curriculum and Course Development)

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    Content Production Services
    (Filming, Animation, Editing)

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    Delivery & Distribution via myEd Learning Platform
    (Branded Platform, Sales Pages, Payment Gateways + More!)

myEd Learning Platform

Co-created with schools & universities around Australia, the myEd learning platform takes our 8 years of research into learning, game design and cutting edge user experience design to create an incredibly engaging and interactive learning experience for students of any age.

Easily Create interacting and engaging content

Easily create and build both simple and complex courses via drag and drop functionality, using both existing training materials/content and material from across the web. Collaborate in real time with people across the organization to create courses and store in your own digital Library!

Quizzes and Social Learning

Interactive quizzes including multiple choice, free text response, file submissions and more with the platform recommending what learners need to revise based on performance.

Quests & Individualised Learning

Create specific quests or learning journeys via drag and drop intuitive interface for both individuals, or groups to target and tailor the learning experience to enable each learner to move towards mastery.

Real Time Learning Analytics

Data overload is a nightmare - we put faces to the data by providing a highly visual representation of how learners are moving through both courses and quests. Know exactly who is excelling, and who needs help + which parts of your course are and aren’t engaging to help you iterate on and improve

Adaptive Learning

In myEd - no learner will have the same experience twice. myEd’s learning experiences change based on the level of the learner. Set the difficulty of activities and based on learner performance, the system automatically adapts the learner to achieve mastery.

Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile? Tablet? IOS? Android? Laptop? You name it, myEd does it. myEd is platform agnostic and works across all devices including Android and iOS, tablets, mobiles and PC's. Plus with a completely hosted solution on a blazing fast content delivery network your content, whether it be in India, China or Tunisia your content will be delivered at lightning fast speeds.

Art of Smart Education

Case Study

Art of Smart Education wanted to create & deliver a comprehensive training course for their staff of 140 teachers & tutors across NSW and Victoria as part of onboarding for new hires and ongoing professional development for existing team members.

We worked with AOSE to provide a branded and customized learning platform.

Branded & Customized Learning Platform

We customized the myEd learning platform for AOSE brand and messaging and set up a customized URL for access for AOS employees to provide a seamless brand experience across existing website and their corporate university.

Corporate Clients


"Developing & delivering our training course & corporate university with myEd has been a great experience! Creating the course with myEd’s authoring tool was a breeze, and now with real time analytics we can see exactly which team members we need to support more!"

Laura Trenerry, Art of Smart Education

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