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This is one of the true stories of how myEd unleashes the potential of teachers like Fiona:

“Before personalisation was a dream
- talked about but impossible to do -
now with myEd I’m doing it in minutes!”

Personalise your instruction with just a few clicks!

With real time progression of your students available in a single glance, myEd makes it easy for you to personalise your students’ learning - just click the student’s face you want to differentiate, share specific quests or even pair up students and target their specific learning needs as you go.

“My students just LOVE learning on myEd,
the increase in engagement is amazing”

myEd uses cutting edge behavioural and game design to keep students highly engaged

With integrated gamification, automated feedback, social learning, quizzes, animations, interactive learning and more all in the one place, myEd makes it easy for you to engage your students without you having to change a thing!

“myEd makes it lightning fast for me
 to create & share rich and engaging learning sequences!”

myEd makes it SO easy to copy & paste your favourite resources into myEd.

Unlock the power of all the great learning resources on your hard drive and around the web with myEd - easily & quickly drag, drop, copy and paste the best resources and see it transformed into a beautiful , fun and interactive learning pathway for your students!

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“myEd shows me exactly where
 each of my students are at in real-time!!”

Say hello to data-driven teaching and bye to messy spreadsheets!

myEd provides you with a clear real time visual of each of your students’ progress - so you can in a single glance identify who needs help and what help they need, even before they’ve put up their hand!

“myEd has halved the time I spend marking - with WAY more time to give my students meaningful feedback

myEd makes marking a breeze with easy + intuitive Markbook, Marking & Feedback features.

We digitally recreate and streamline your entire paper marking workflow as well as building in powerful marking automation so that you can quickly and efficiently complete your marking, give your students powerful personal feedback and carve out more time for yourself and even have a little fun while you do it!

“To truly understand how powerful myEd is you need to just see it in action!

Flipping your classroom, collaboration, co-teaching in open learning spaces, whole school rollouts, professional development and much more!

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